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Welcome to Our Ak Builders

It is an imprinted fact that If We can not find a way, We need to create it, which is precisely what AK Builders is all about. AK Builders is known much for its beautiful residential apartments, villas and individual homes as it is for following the best practices in the industry. Since its inception, AK Builders has evolved into a brand known for its integrity, reliability and transparency. As a professionally managed organisation with a well built and eccentric business model, AK Builders have been able to achieve sustained growth, carving a niche of its own in the real estate industry. AK Builders is a company whose business philosophy lies in the dedication to creating architectural marvels using the state-of-the-art technology. We are passionate about providing profitable and holistic solutions for our customers. Synonymous with quality, timely delivery, expertise and trust, AK Builders is a name here to stay. While we may have quite a few achievements under our belt, we take pride in the fact that we have been helping a number of families apprehend their dreams. And it is this satisfaction that we procure from what we do that makes us venture into newer and more challenging areas in the property development. A well-known civil engineer, Mr.A.Kannadhasan the managing director of AK builders played a quintessential role in the increasing fame and trust in the company. His well-disciplined lifestyle and the drive to deliver qualitative homes have earned him and the business enormous recognition. A perfectionist, Mr. Kannadhasan has always believed in adhering to policies, regulations, instructions and processes. His stern belief and discipline has led the company to see the path of success for more than a decade. Under his strong leadership, guidance and knowledge – AK builders will continue to be a name synonymous with integrity and reliability

Our vision is to establish a better world for a better living. To envision, design and fabricate magnificent edifices, to contribute significantly in the zonal and national wide development and to shelter and protect the environment we live in.
To set standards and enhance a better environment to live in. To cater the needs of our people and to ensure a strategic growth. To deliver reliable, high quality services to the real estate sectors. To ensure safety, sustainability and integrity in everything we do. To take our customer relationship and their satisfaction to advanced levels. To evolve contemporary criterion in construction practices.

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